RYM Photography

      F A Q

What is RYM photography style?

Our style is depend on you. We will try to know about you, your hobby, things that you like, place that has beautiful moment in your life.
We will try to give our best to you.

How many crew will be at my wedding?

For each wedding, we have at least 4 crew (2 photographers and 2 videographers). Wedding day is a big thing in our life, so we don't want to miss that precious moment.

Can I choose my location for the prewedding photo?

Yes, you can choose the location by yourself or we will help you with a few place that might interest you.

Are you available for outside Indonesia?

Yes we are. We can go anywhere you wanted but there will be additional charge for transportation and accomodation.

What are your prices and packages?

We have different prices for each people depend on the things that you want. But the prices start at IDR 10.000.000 for prewedding and IDR 12.000.000 for wedding day. The prices included one canvas and one album (minimal). You can meet us for more info and talk about the themes.

When I can see the picture after the photosession?

You can see the picture about one week after photosession at our website and you will get 1 Flash Disk for all photos and videos.

What is 3D photos?

3D photos that we made is an anaglyph 3D. You will need red and cyan glasses to see the effect. A pair of glasses are included in 3D package.